Who We Are

Think Wildlife Initiative – Saving Habitat (Think WI-SH) – Tax I.D: 47-2340358 – is a Los Angeles-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving habitat and protecting wildlife.  It is comprised of three separate and distinct functions, each using different means but working towards a common goal: To affect public policy specific to environmental issues involving wildlife and natural habitat loss that improve and enhance conservation efforts nationwide.

While Think WI-SH is dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring wildlife habitat either destroyed or under threat by encroachment, contamination or other human activity, we are also motivated to do the same for domestic animals, whose “habitat” is often threatened by abuse, exploitation and/or neglect. Our central aim is to: a) raise public awareness about the importance of preserving and providing habitat so that all animal life can thrive; and b) enlist as many people as possible to take personal responsibility for protecting, preserving and restoring animal habitat in their own back yards and neighborhoods. It begins at the individual level and ends as a national, if not, global movement.  We will also incorporate high-level research and policy analysis to persuade leaders at all levels to similarly take responsibility for implementing habitat-friendly policies and practices and “retiring” those policies, practices and attitudes that contribute to habitat destruction.

Finally, Think WI-SH will seek out those individuals, communities, companies and governments that are doing the rights things when it comes to habitat protection, preservation and restoration and highlight their successes so that others can learn about these “best practices” and adapt them to work in their own arenas of action. We do this because, while there are plenty of habitat-related crimes and problems in our communities and the world at large, there are also many success stories intelligent habitat stewardship that need to be told and Think WI-SH is going to start telling them!

Summary of Organizational Breakdown:

  • Think Wildlife Initiative – Saving Habitat (Think WI-SH) focuses on fundraising, backyard activism and habitat corridor creation.
  • The Think WI-SH Policy Institute provides objective policy analysis, public / private consultation, in-depth scientific research based on statistical modeling and analysis and raw data.

Together, each component represents our course of action otherwise referred to as our AA Strategy.”