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The Think WI-SH Policy Institute represents a second component of our “Triple A Strategy.”  As a separate branch of Think Wildlife Initiative – Saving Habitat (Think WI-SH) a Los Angeles-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to natural habitat and wildlife causes, the Institute represents the analytical and research arm of the organization. Its sole focus is to provide objective statistical analysis and environmental impact reports.  The Think WI-SH Policy Institute analyzes public policy as it relates specifically to habitat preservation and restoration. This entails evaluating both proposed and current legislation, assessing potential future implications, then recommending courses of action based on objective analysis and correlating data. For more information, please visit

Think WI-SH is comprised of three separate and distinct functions, each using different means but working towards a common goal: To affect public policy specific to environmental issues involving wildlife and natural habitat loss that improve and enhance both rural and urban conservation efforts nationwide.

The Think WI-SH Policy Institute provides objective policy analysis, private and public consultation, environmental impact reports and in-depth scientific research based on statistical modeling and analysis and quantitative data. The Institute uses statistical modeling and analysis to create graphic representations of specific trends and patterns pertinent to habitat preservation and restoration.