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Think WI-SH Launches Initiatives for Wild in Urban Life
Think Wildlife Initiative – Saving Habitat


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Think Wildlife Initiative – Saving Habitat, Inc.
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Think Wildlife Initiative – Saving Habitat (Think WI-SH) is a Los Angeles-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused nationwide on Urban Environmental Safety ( of urban wildlife initiatives, reforestation, advanced training for career creation, city revitalization, clean water, air and soil and environmental sustainability with industry.

Think WI-SH’s first project is rehabilitating the urban environment in disenfranchised communities that have over 18 million vacant blighted homes across America. Water, soil, and air in disenfranchised communities have polluted wildlife and human life for decades affecting everyone no matter where you live.

Think- WI-SH is different from other environmental non-profits. Think WI-SH focuses on urban environment where most of us live. Currently Think WI-SH is developing an advanced training programs for environmental careers in the field of urban environmental compliance to assist city revitalization efforts with deconstruction, hazardous waste removal and environmental restoration and sustainability in disenfranchised communities, safely removing asbestos, lead, bacteria and a host of other carcinogenic elements that can be life threatening to pets, wildlife and children. Think WI-SH performs the work, training and creates the employment placement in each city they engage. Their ultimate goal for the environment is keeping air, water and soil clean for all habitats.

There are 21 cities running at a deficit in the United States. Detroit was just the tip of the iceberg. St. Louis has a reported 8,000 vacant homes. Baltimore 12,000. Detroit 15,000 and a total of 18 million nationwide that are polluting our public water systems, air and soil. These structures are not just vacant. They are everyday pollutants to the entire city. Think WI-SH believes before we save the rain-forest we must save our cities. The provides information, resources and action plans on how anyone can help save and sustain their habitat. The site provides numerous ways that visitors can give back to help the mission in the form of information, statistics, awareness, donations, and legislative petitions. Think WI-SH is dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring habitat destroyed or under threat of contamination or other human activity.

Think WI-SH’s central aim is to preserve all habitats so that wildlife and human life can thrive in harmony. Think WI-SH will seek out those individuals, communities, companies and governments that are performing Best Practices regarding habitat protection, preservation and restoration.

Vincent Fredrick, a Claremont Graduate University PhD candidate and former Business Development Director in the Telecommunications and IT Technical Staffing Industry, established Think-WI-SH. Fredrick plans to expand Think WI-SH on a national level. “Our goal is to preserve our world today to protect our children tomorrow and we will accomplish this through ACTION and ANALYSIS otherwise referred to as our “AA Strategy. In short, we will take action nationwide, city-by-city, as it relates to urban revitalization and reforestation programs to help protect people, the environment and urban wildlife. Through the Think WI-SH Policy Institute, statistical modeling and analysis become the building blocks that will help educate and strengthen our mission thereby helping to train and educate the next generation of forward-thinking environmentalists dedicated to continuing our efforts worldwide in order to make the world a better place in which to live particularly for our children’s sake”, stated Fredrick.

Think WI-SH website provides resources and information for people interested in jobs, careers, providing information about their city, as well as fundraising and donation opportunities., is a website devoted to creating careers to keep our habitats safe and sustainable. Help Think WI-SH support legislation that benefits all habitats suffering from pollution, which is the number one cause of global cancer rates.

Think WI-SH has a Los Angeles engagement on October 21, 2015 which will be held at the world famous Hollywood Improv with celebrity performers, comedians, raffle prizes, food and drinks to support the efforts and work beginning in November 2015. For ticket information:

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