How We Do It

Think WI-SH has a singular focus: lend our weight, insight and awareness to the most critical habitat protection, preservation and restoration issues. We do not confuse emotions with cold, hard science and scientific method. We rely on proven best practices and processes that enable us to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of core issues pertaining to habit protection, preservation and restoration. We do so by the following means:

  • Working hand-in-hand with other non-profit organizations, private interests as well as local, state and federal agencies to affect necessary change.
  • Providing funding and other resources to like-minded organizations that meet our high standards for financial and ethical accountability.
  • Showcasing both companies and individuals alike who are affecting positive change by alternative means and unique methods of habitat and wildlife conservation.
  • Spearheading coordinated efforts involving other like-minded organizations who stress public education and organizing volunteer initiatives to affect policy changes, devise legal solutions, and implement alternative remedies to stop or prevent habitat destruction occurring outside public and political awareness.
  • Supporting our actions through studies based on quantifiable data derived by statistical analysis and modeling then sharing our scientific research with governments, media, and other non-profit organizations. Specifically, Think WI-SH Policy Institute incorporates the latest statistical analysis and relevant modeling techniques to develop our messaging and uses the latest version of R and STATA data analysis and statistical software.
  • Environmental training, education and employment is vital to a more sustainable and habitat friendly world as people everywhere begin to develop a greater sense of appreciation and awareness as to how their own individual efforts can help improve the environment.