How We Are Different

Think WI-SH is different from other organizations involved in animal advocacy and environmental issues because we:

1. Focus on protecting, preserving and restoring habitat because if animals don’t have a decent place to live, then they will not thrive and will ultimately become extinct.

2. Work in tandem with both public and private interests in order to train, educate and ultimately create a synergy that leads to quantifiable results.

3. Pursue a two-pronged approach that combines passionate backyard activism and fundraising with dispassionate scientific research and policy development. We refer to this as our “AA StrategyAction and Analysis.

4. Practice What We Preach. We are serious about protecting, preserving and restoring habitat for all creatures wild and domestic, not promoting political ideologies and agendas. We seek to convert, not criticize, and build alliances, not demolish adversaries. We must never forget that we all live on this planet together and that every “enemy” is just a partner-in-waiting.

5. Empower the individual to conscientiously make decisions for the betterment of both habitat and wildlife through sustainable choices enabling backyard activism to grow beyond the community and into a viable and determined nationwide and global movement.