From the Founder Archive

Fourth Quarter 2015.  Think WI-SH is on the move! With our very first charity event at the historic Hollywood Improv successfully behind us, we now look forward to the New Year confident that our organization will play an instrumental role in safeguarding and preserving natural habitat and protecting wildlife.

The overall health and direction of our organization is solid. Our brand is strong and our cause is just. Each and every person associated with Think WI-SH is thoroughly dedicated to the cause. Our initiatives, while daunting at times, will be accomplished one way or the other. The reality is, we have no choice but to push forward and accomplish the goals set before us, because the consequences of failure are just too horrible to imagine. The next generation of inhabitants are dependent on the efforts of those who live today. To not care, is to give up and Think WI-SH cares, a lot!

Third Quarter 2015.  As we embark on our new quest to influence public policy and gather support for our initiatives, it has become abundantly clear that we, as an organization, must allocate additional in order to obtain further funding to accomplish the immediate goals at hand.  We will do this by holding our very first fundraiser on October 21, 2015 at the Hollywood Improv.  We will announce final details regarding the event in the coming weeks.  This will be accomplished by means of our website, traditional marketing channels and our online social media platforms, specifically Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  We anticipate the fundraiser will prove to be a spectacular event as we collaborate with celebrity comedians and other notable Hollywood celebrities.

I am particularly excited at the prospects of this event because it will serve as a wonderful occasion for Think WI-SH to further drive home the importance of preserving natural habitat and protecting wildlife particularly as temperatures begin to soar in Southern California and reports of dramatic climate changes seem so very real.

Until then, please donate to Think WI-SH and remember that our efforts cannot be sustained unless we have your support!  Our organization depends on the support and charity of those who are as passionate as we are about saving the environment from more wanton destruction.

Second Quarter 2015.  I honestly wish I could tell you that I developed an appreciation of nature when I was very young, but that would not be telling you the truth. The fact is, I grew up in a large, sprawling city and I was simply too young, naive and selfish to care. Neither did I grow up in a family that openly embraced the outdoors and all of the joys associated with it. It wasn’t until much later in life that I became more acclimated to the great outdoors through various activities such as hiking, camping and mountain climbing in the Pacific Northwest.

Through those experiences I learned that all animals are beautiful in their own right and have a right to live in their natural habitat as free as possible from human interference. The real turning point for me was the case of the Northern Spotted Owl, whose habitat was threatened by logging until a few courageous individuals rose up and preserved the habitat on which the owls depended. I shudder to think what would have happened to that precious bird if they had not. The fact is habitat protection, preservation and restoration is the foundation upon which all environmentalism and conservation must be built.

It took a long time for me to come to my senses, so I understand why so many companies and people haven’t yet come to their senses. However, for those of us who have, it is time to act and act now. It is time to change the status quo by helping others come to their senses about the critical importance of immediately taking action to protect, preserve and restore habitat while the ecosystem is still strong enough to recover from years of benign neglect and, in too many cases, deliberate destruction.

People everywhere need to be concerned. They need to act, instead of reacting. They need to get involved instead of being complacent. They need to care and not look the other way. The fact is we, as a collective whole, are the last line of defense to help preserve habitat and sustain wildlife. If we fail as a society then there will be nothing left for future generations to appreciate and admire. That is simply unacceptable. It is time to be a part of the solution and not the problem. This reason alone, explains why I established Think WI-SH, an environmental and wildlife advocacy group that is dedicated to habitat preservation and sustainability. Whether we accept it or not, environmental and wildlife disaster will be the ruin of us all if we allow our precious resources to be continually denigrated.

Everyone has a stake in the matter. There is no reason to think that humanity cannot coexist with habitat and wildlife. But it requires creative thinking and the will to make it happen. But ask yourself the following question: Can we as a society afford not to protect the very things that have made our country as strong as it is today? The answer is no. But we need to want it. We need to fight for it. We need to think differently and put aside conventional wisdom because we live in a new day and age that requires fresh thinking and new ideas. The days of finger pointing are gone. It is time to come together and showcase what is working well and hope those efforts will be replicated elsewhere.  As for Think WI-SH, never doubt what a small group of determined people can do…they can create a movement. And once a movement occurs, it can change the world! Think WI-SH has one mandate only and that is to lend further insight and awareness to those habitat and wildlife issues that affect us all.


Vincent Fredrick, Executive Director, President and Founder

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