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First Quarter 2016.  As we embark on the New Year, Think WI-SH is excited to launch a new program aimed at preserving soil and water quality along with protecting human lives too. We are happy to announce our new initiative: Consolidation and Standardization of the Cannabis Industry!

What most medicinal and recreational cannabis users are not aware of is that vast majority of marijuana used and sold in the United States has varying degrees of toxic chemicals associated with it. Some toxic chemicals are considered for the most part safe when used in small amounts, however, when misused, it can severally affect soil and water quality as well as harm both people and animals if consumed or inhaled directly.

Case in point: Legalization, both medicinal and recreational in Colorado has led to several recent state wide product recalls due to hazardous amounts of toxic substances detected in both packaged edibles and retail marijuana sold. There have been alarming reports of both farm workers AND cannabis consumers falling ill due to higher than normal levels of toxic chemicals such as Imidacloprid which is an insecticide that was made to mimic nicotine and used to control fleas, termites, soil insects, and other plant eating pests.

The pressure to meet growing demand has led large cannabis growers, particularly those that plant outside to utilize salt based fertilizers which deplete natural soil and adversely affect and contaminate streams, lakes and other bodies of water during times of runoff and heavy rainfall.

The state-wide Colorado incident(s) has glaringly brought to life the urgency to help organize and standardize the cannabis industry particularly while it’s still in its infancy stages. Think WI-SH will implement a state by state cannabis certification program that will test and validate the levels of toxicity in cannabis products.

Our efforts will lead to cleaner waterways, less contaminants that may harm wildlife and humans too!


Matsui Ota, Executive Director

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