Donate_300x215Your contribution to Think WI-SH goes straight to work helping to protect, preserve and restore natural habitat critical to wildlife preservation. Part of each donation also provides “habitat assistance” for abused and/or abandoned domestic animals in need of veterinary services, clean water, food and shelter. Your charitable gift today helps to save them all!

One effective way to donate is through Think WI-SH “Guardians of the Environment.” This group of dedicated and passionate individuals, friends and caregivers alike, make monthly gifts that provide a solid fiscal foundation that enables Think WI-SH to consistently and reliably deliver habitat-supporting resources where they are most needed. Members like it because it’s an easy way to budget and it feels great to be making a difference by preserving our world today to protect our children tomorrow! The next generation is counting on us!

Remember, you cannot make a difference unless you get involved. If you are unable to donate on a monthly basis, then please make a one-time gift. Each and every gift counts – and each and every gift is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Alternate Ways to Give

If you prefer to call directly with your donation, please call our toll free number at (844) 439-3599 and for California residents, please call (818) 796-3994.

If you prefer to mail a donation instead, please send your charitable donation to the following address:

Think WI-SH, Inc.
6301 De Soto Ave, Unit 233
Woodland Hills, CA 91367